• Are the SWR being used to assess ICT skills?
    • 28% -but the rubric needs to be dynamic, maybe it is outdated already and it needs to be adapted to the learning expectations in the content area.
    • Example - Culture Project
  • Are students who are ICT proficient, information literate as well?
    • Yes, I do not think we can or should separate information literacy from the ICT standards..   If we revist the  Effective User of Technology School Wide Rubric. and we assess the process skills of  being information and technologically literate we recognize the expectations for student learning meet the same goal.

    My perceptions are proven true:
         ICT skills are not being developed with intention
         I do not collaborate consistently with teachers
         Most teachers are not assessing ICT skills
         Without assessment we don't know if students are proficient ICT users.
         How can the Library Media Specialists plan with the classroom teacher to integrate ICT competencies with curriculum standards so that students are assessed on the process of acquiring knowledge using a collaboratively developed rubric?

    I believe being an accessible and credible partner are key to collaboration.  To that end I must continue to seek opportunities to improve and update my technology integration knowledge. I also believe that the importance of developing competent  21st Century Learners must be the focus of every educator. To that end we need to include an ICT component in our Professional Development Plans.  

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